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Sheikh Amin Bin Abdur Rehman

Sheikh Muhammad Amin Madni (whose full name is SHEIKH HAFIZ AMIN BIN ABDUL REHMAN and whose parents and grand parents hailed from Pakistan) lived at Madina in Saudi Arabia for sixty years. He was Imam at Masjid An-Noor for thirty years. He came to Pakistan in the late '80s and lived in Karachi for 12 (twelve) years. Then he migrated to Multan (Madinat-ul-Aulia) around 1995. He resides in the Hujra-381, New Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony. He is a saint of Idrisi Silsila. This saint has introduced the Idrisi Tareeqah in Pakistan.

He has established meeting centres for silent zikr in all cities of Pakistan. He somehow induces the most intense love for the Last Messenger of Allah in his followers. He asks his followers to always remain busy in sending blessings to the Messenger (silent recitation of Darood). The love of the Prophet of Islam is the basis of this silsila.Sheikh Amin is the Great,True & Biggest sufi Saint (Aulia Allah) in this time. He Teaches how to contact with ALLAH And HAZRAT MUHAMMAD.

Sufism is mostly about subjective realities, an understanding of which requires a change of perception -- a softening of heart. It is all about heart-to-heart matters and that is why it demands silence. Shaikh Amin provides a link to the sea of God's Anwaar and Tajalliyaat (special blessings) in the spirit of the Prophet of Islam that can only be experienced first-hand by creating a spiritual affinity with him.

Idrisia Tareeqa is a spiritual lineage linked to the Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad. This spiritual lineage is famous in Egypt, Sudan and Arabia.



FATIMAH = ALI IBN ABI TALIB --> al-Hasan (d. 49/699-70)--> al-Hasan -->Abd Allah, al-kaamil, al-mahd --> Idris, the founder of Idrisi dynasty in Fez (d 175/ 791) --> Idris (d. 213/828) -->
Muhammad (d. 221/836) --> Ali Haydara --> Ahmed Mizwar --> Isa --> Hurma --> Ali --> Abu Bakr

-> Mashish -> Yamlah -> Muhammad -> Abd al-Jabbar -> Ahmad -> Umar -> Ibrahim -> Abd Allah -> Muhammad -> Ahmad -> Ali -> Muhammad -> Idris -> Ahmad al-Mashishi al-Yamlahi al-Hasani.

Ahmad B. Idris, the Moroccan mystic and teacher, is one of the seminal figures of Islam in the nineteenth century. Through his preachings, prayers and litanies, his students and their students, he has exercised an enduring influence that stretches from North Africa east to Malaysia and Indonesia, north to Southern Yugoslavia and Istanbl and south along the East African coast. In North East Africa, his influence was specially profound through such students as Muhammad b. Ali al Sanusi, Muhammad Uthman Al-Mirghani and Ibrahim al-Rashid. Two states of the region, Libya and Somalia, are at least in part of creations of the traditions associated with him. In the Sudan, the brotherhood, the Khatmiyya, established by al-Mirghani continues to play a major role in the politics of divided country.

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''Muhammad Ameen bin Abd-ur-Rahman'' ''Qutab-ul-Aqtaab" is a Sufi Shaikh. In the past, he spent most of his time in Madina Saudi Arabia, and he is now based in Multan, a city in southern Punjab Pakistan. The number of his followers is in millions. He Resides at Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony in New Multan(Multan). He belongs to the Idreesia (also spelt Idrissia) order of Sufism which originated in North Africa and the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt) as compared with the Iranian-Indian orders and stems of Sufism which have been traditionally popular in Pakistan. He is The Sheikh of the Time Now for Muslims. Shaikh Ameen's methods of initiating followers into his Sufi discipline include the Love for God & Love for his Prophet Muhammad through Zikr / Darood Khafi or silent recital. Idrissia is mostly spelled as Idrisia in Modren Western Literature. Imam Ahmad Idrisi [real name Ahmad Ibn Idris Al-Fasi] was the founder of this sufi order. The spiritual authority of Idrisia is mainly deriven through well recorded narration from Imam Idris where he was given Awrad (sufi chantings) by Khidhar (a legenadry personality in Abrahamic Religions) in the presence of Muhammad {SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam}. It is also narrated, in the same spiritual encounter, that Muhammad {SalAllaho Alaihi waSallam} became the Direct Guardian of Idrisi Sufi Tradition. Sheikh Amin Bin Abdurr Rehman attained his spiritual training various Mashiakh (Sufi Masters) including Qadriyya and Naqsh Bandia but settled for an Idrisi Shiekh in Yemen. He spent later part of his youth in Modern Saudia, specifically Hijaz. He migrated to Pakistan after political instability in Saudia in late 1970s. He has a sizeable number of followers. 



  1. Al-Sheikh Amin Saab Zindabad...... Silsila e Idreesia ZindaBad.....

  2. Al-Sheikh Amin Saab Zindabad...... Silsila e Idreesia ZindaBad.....

  3. Asalamulkum, payray bhaiyon jo bhi Sheikh shb kay baray may aol fol bakhtay hay thu ye suon lay kay may apnay student life may Multan Sharif kafi dafa giya hon aur aub taqreeban 6 sal howaye hay kay pir nahi giya, maray bhaiyon may sirf itna araz karta hon kay wo ik sahi ul aqeeda intihaye pyar karnay walay aur bilkul ik sachacy insan hay may ye bath qasam sye kehta hon kay Sheikh sahab kay koi matlab aur maqasi nahi hay ALLAH ka wali hay ALLAH unki zindagi may barkat dalay mujhay un sye kafi faida huwa tha

  4. Zindabad zindabad silsila e idreesia

  5. Assalamoalikum,,,,my name is syed Muhammed Abdul Qadir ....from Lahore..may i talk to some one close to Sheikh Ameen sb ...??/ my contact #03334682548

  6. Assalamoalikum,,,,my name is syed Muhammed Abdul Qadir ....from Lahore..may i talk to some one close to Sheikh Ameen sb ...??/ my contact #03334682548


  8. There is only person in the universe who can effect your heart and can create true love for our holy prophet in your heart I can Challenge those who are not ready to be leave, Just Start tasbeh of Sallal ho Alaihe wsallam for seven days and night when ever you are free whether with ablution (wuzzu) or without you your self will see the Haqiqat of Sheikh sb..

  9. Greatest Saint of al times ... definitely has the power to change hearts ... May he live long ... Amin (S.A.W) Amin

  10. Sheikh k gird hala hai ik noor ka
    Aks-e-Allah kabhi aks-e-Aqa ﷺ kabhi

  11. Mery sheikh sahib k liye meri jaan b qurban unhon ny kabhi hum se kuch na managa or na liye bal k sirf aaqa g (SAW) ki mohabat k tuhfay se hamary diloon ko sakoon bakhsha hai aisy wali ki suhbat Allah pak sub ko naseeb farmay.

  12. Sheikh ji k karam say hi mumkin huwa

    Koi dil main nahi hain , magar dil main WOH ﷺ

    Hamary sheikh sahab sirf wali nhi. Bal'k mera is baat per iman hai k Aqa ji farmaya " aap jaisa sheikh na kabhi koi huwa hai na ho ga din qiyamat tak" inShaAllah

    Murshid mere shah-e-Tareeqat
    Murshid janan raaz-e-Haqeeqat

  13. Sallah o Alaihe Wassalm

    mere sheikh jya na hor koi!

  14. Kiyoon banaya tha Pakistan........ humaare Pass bhi ek Hazrat Habib Qureshi jo ke Reprsentive hien un ki taleemaat Film video ke khilaaf per Asiya widowed Abdul Hakeem un ke saath mil ker Cheating Sikhai jaati LAANAT UL LAHE KAZBEEN....... aap kahaan they jab yehaan wapis MANDIR banaya gayaa aap kahaan they jab BUT SHIKANT ka mazmoon khtum kiya gaya MERA AQA SALALAHO ALAHEY WASALAM .... AUR UN KA AAL mere mutabar un ki taleemat mutabar Cheater not accepted Please inquiry it whats This

  15. Sheikh saab great wali hain . I love my peer o murshad

  16. Wht can i say abut my belived Shake amin sahib he is truly sufis at this time i knows him sincee whn i waz almost 18 year nw am 29 11 year i got lots benefit fr him taleem shrif nd wazid he is realy true sufi i get angry whn i heard ppl taking abt him something wrong i feel lyk i gona fight with him those ppl taking nonsense coz they dont know reality

  17. We need to follow all taleem sharif of Hazrat Hafiz Shiekh Amin sb, He is really from Sufi-ism , true lover of Prophet Mohammed PBHM , in whole world nobody here like shiekh sb - true ashiq e rasool- My Allah grant him with blessing and give him long life amin..Love You Sarkar ji

  18. This time will never ever come back again.centuries are cred for this diamond time.ALLAH G plz give my life to SAKAR Ji.

  19. Hazrat Hafiz Amin Sahab Zindabad

  20. Shakh Hafiz Ameen bin Abdul Rehman zindabad.